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15/01137/FUL | Demolition of former petrol filling station and bungalow. Construction of 6 X 4 bedroom dwellings and creation of new accesses. | 63 Brock Hill Runwell Wickford SS11 7NS
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Technical & Parking Services

Consultation Date: Mon 10 Aug 2015

Essex County Council Highways

Comment Date: Wed 09 Sep 2015

From a highway and transportation perspective the impact of the proposal is NOT acceptable
to the Highway Authority for the following reasons:
1. The Highway Authority will protect the principle use of the highway as a right of free and safe
passage of all highway users. Brock Hill is a secondary distributor in the ECC route hierarchy
whose function is the carrying of traffic safely and efficiently between substantial rural
populations and on through routes in built up areas.
2. The overall parking provision is considered to be inadequate and would therefore likely lead to
further demand for on street parking on Brock Hill which could in time lead to inappropriate
parking practices detrimental to the general safety of all highway users.
3. The Interim Residential Parking Guidance March 2015 recommends the provision of no less
than 3 off-street parking spaces for dwellings with 4 or more bedrooms.
4. The garage size for house type A is substandard and does not meet the recommended
minimum internal dimensions of width 3 metres by 7 metres recommended in the parking
5. Of particular concern is the tandem parking space to the front of the plot no. 6 garage which is
10.746 metres long. This is close to the recommended distance of 11 metres required for a
tandem parking however this deficiency in length would lead to the second vehicle parked in
the tandem arrangement overhanging and obstructing the footway resulting in an unacceptable
degree of hazard to pedestrians that would be forced to walk into the Brock Hill carriageway
and to other road users to the detriment of highway safety.
6. The proposal if permitted would set a precedent for future similar developments which could in
time lead to inappropriate parking practices detrimental to the general safety of all highway
users and undermine the principle of seeking to discourage on-street parking in the locality.
The proposal is therefore contrary to policies DM1 and DM8 contained within the County Highway
Authority's Development Management Policies, adopted as County Council Supplementary Guidance
in February 2011.

Runwell Parish Council

Comment Date: Fri 28 Aug 2015

Runwell Parish Council strongly object to this application in its current form. We have consulted with neighbours and they too have strong opinions regarding the development of this site. We ask that this controversial application is refused and considered by the Full Planning Committee giving residents the opportunity to attend and speak, this must not be a delegated decision.
Reasons for objections/refusal:
1.The proposal with particular reference to the terrace of 3 x 4 bed dwellings by reason of size, bulk and height would be totally out of character with the area; there are no other terraces in this area; the land is far higher at this point and the effect would have an unacceptable, overpowering and overshadowing effect on the properties opposite to the detriment of the amenity of the occupants; they will be prominent and obtrusive in the streetscene and detrimental to the visual amenity of the locality.
2. The whole development is not in context with the area and will adversely affect the intrinsic character of the area; there should be staggered roof heights with the development concentrated to front Brock Hill rather than the unacceptable impact on Lindon Road.
3. Parking: the development does not comply with Chelmsford City Councils Residential Parking Guidance which states a minimum of 3 spaces for dwellings with 4+ bedrooms - this application shows only 2 spaces in respect of the terrace properties. Extra parking would take place on the street which is totally unacceptable. A lower density application could allow for rear access to the properties to ensure vehicles are parked off the highway.
4. The terrace proposed is extremely close to the junction of Brock Hill and Lindon Road far closer than any other development siding Brock Hill at a point where the road bends; the development should be staggered back to give a suitable visibility splay for traffic entering and exiting Lindon Road. The terrace as shown is also in front of the general building line in Lindon Road.
5. Residents have concerns regarding disposal of surface water as there is an existing problem in Lindon Road that has not been resolved either by Anglian Water or Essex County Council Highways, the drains back up causing flooding with foul water and sewerage, the extra properties will add to this problem.
6. By way of information the public bus service that takes local children to their catchment secondary school at Beauchamps currently picks up in Lindon Road in the area where the proposed terrace is planned.
7. There has been debate whether or not the old fuel storage tanks have been removed which is stated in the Environmental Assessment/Statement as there is no sign of disruption to the concrete on the forecourt of the filling station, the problem with the tanks (and the cost) was the reason for the petrol station closing. It is possible there is other contamination on the site.
Runwell Parish Council ask that the development is totally re-drafted to include a proposal that is more in keeping with the area which is very much a mixture of bungalows, chalets and occasional house and that the unacceptable impact is removed from the residents of Lindon Road.

Public Health & Protection Services

Comment Date: Thu 06 Aug 2015

Please put on D04 condition. Potential for contamination from former use as filling station and vehicle workshop (fuels, oils, heavy metals etc.).

This residential development should provide EV charging point infrastructure to encourage the use of ultra-low emission vehicles at the rate of 1 charging point per unit (dwelling with dedicated parking) and/or 1 charging point per 10 spaces (unallocated parking).

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