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15/00772/FUL | Proposed stables and hay storage barn. | Land South East Of Forge Cottage Woodham Road Battlesbridge Wickford Essex
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Technical & Parking Services

Consultation Date: Thu 16 Jul 2015

Essex County Council Highways

Comment Date: Fri 07 Aug 2015

Insufficient information is provided within the application to demonstrate to the satisfaction of this Authority that the impact on the highway network caused by this proposal will not have unacceptable consequences in terms of highway safety and efficiency.

Thank you for the additional supporting information for the planning application: 15/00772/FUL - Land South East of Forge Cottage.

There is no supporting statement to support the proposal however the email 16/07/2015 your forwarded from the agent answers the first question I was going to ask; Is the stabling for commercial or for private use?

The email confirms that the proposal is for private use.

This is likely to be acceptable to the Highway Authority in principle however the following additional information and points for additional consideration are required for this proposal and I have listed these below:

1. There is an established and existing suitably hardened access from Woodham Road to the field gate entrance to the site.

2. The field gate may have the appropriate set back from the carriageway edge to allow a vehicle towing a horse box or a horse lorry to stand clear of the vehicular carriageway while the gates are opened and closed. The gate(s) must be set back not be less than 10 metres and be inward opening only. This is essential as Woodham Road is a busy road with fast moving traffic however no details have been provided.

3. A suitably hardened track to a parking area is required.

4. A parking area with a parking layout designed in accordance with the parking standards is required which must include an appropriate number of parking spaces for the proposed use.

5. A turning area associated with the parking area in 4 above is required to allow a vehicle towing a horse box or a horse lorry to turn so that they can enter and leave in forward gear.

6. The number of movements to the site is required to establish the impact on the highway network.

Please seek revised plans and additional information from the applicant having regard to the list above and the Highway Authority would reconsider this proposal.

Rettendon Parish Council

Comment Date: Tue 30 Jun 2015

(Proposed Stables and Hay Storage Barn) The Rettendon PC have no objections.

Public Health & Protection Services

Comment Date: Fri 29 May 2015

No PH&PS comments with regard to this application.

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